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ACM Archive hosted by CBI
Posted Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
  • ACM has chosen the Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) as the repository for the ACM Archive, an extensive collection of internal ACM records, conference proceedings, research-based journals, magazines, and the personal papers and edited interviews of legendary figures that span the history of computing. (See the news release.)

Interviews Completed

Digitizing Interviews for the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
Franz Alt interview: February 24, 1969
CODASYL (Conference on Data System Languages): May 27, 1969
Ralph Griswold: May 14, 1972, May 21, 1972, and May 28, 1972
Herbert R. Grosch: July 15, 1970, August 24, 1970, August 28, 1970, November 9, 1970, March 30, 1971, May 7, 1971
Alston Scott Householder: July 20, 1970
Harry Huskey and Mrs. Huskey: March 9, 1972, April 19, 1973
John Mauchly: June 22, 1970, January 10, 1973, February 6, 1973, February 23, 1973

Initiated the ACM Turing Award Web site
A prototype has been completed by the ACM Publications Board.

Comprehensive catalog of extant interviews of ACM presidents and Turing Award winners

There is a comprehensive web site at

Special issue of CACM A special issue of CACM appeared in May 2007.