Current Members of ACM History Committee

Tom Misa, Chair, Charles Babbage Institute and University of Minnesota, joined in December 2008 (chair July 2014-16)
Tao Xie, SGB Liason, University of Illinois, joined in May 2010
Kim Tracy, Northern Illinois University/Michigan Tech, joined October 2014
Jon Bashor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, joined October 2014
Roy Levin, Microsoft, joined November 2012
Peri Tarr, IBM, joined November 2012
Chuck House, Innovascapes, joined in May 2011
Mary Whitton, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, joined in May, 2010
Martin Campbell-Kelly, University of Warwick, joined in August, 2009
Len Shustek, Computer History Museum, joined in May, 2005
Carol Hutchins, Courant Institute Library, joined in February, 2005
Mary Hall, University of Utah, joined in January 2005, chair 2009-2014