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September 2005 Conference Call

September 20, 2005 4-5:15 EDT

: Mary Hall, Carol Hutchins, Mike Mahoney, Rosemary McGuinness, Joe November, Len Shustek, Rick Snodgrass, and David S. Wise

Indented prose is what was discussed; non-indented prose is from the agenda.

  • Status

    • Schedule for this year: (David)

      The budget cycle begins November/December; we should have a budget ready by the end of the year for Fiscal 2007, starting July 2006.

      Beth's work on going through HQ material should start very soon.

      Our next Face-to-Face meeting will be at the Computer History Museum in either December or January.

  • Access to reviews in ManuscriptCentral (Carol)

    Carol is taking a draft policy to the Pubs Board on what material should be retained (everything) and a process for vetting requests.

    A suggestion was made to look at our sister sciences. (For example, the physicists (APS) could in the end not agree on a policy. Our hope is that cooperation between the Pubs Board and the History Committee will yield a better result.)

  • Interactions with the CHM and its Sloan Industry History Project (Rick) Rick had previously sent a summary email.

    The Committee decided to advance on looking into SIGs using the CHM software.

    The Committee decided that Luanne's plan concerning using their system for feedback on ACM sounded good.

  • SGB (Mary and Mike)

    Mary and Mike summarized their experience in Newark on August 13. Joe will put their presentation online. It seemed to go well. Several SIG chairs mentioned that they want to do their own interviews, because they didn't have the funds to pay professional historians. The chairs would appreciate guidance on how to do this. There was less interest in how to run a HOPL-type conference.

  • HOPL III (Mary, Mike)

    Mike was at a PC meeting in Newark last week. Mike gave a talk on "What Makes History?". Drafts of 19 language histories were discussed.

  • History Committee Web Site (Joe)

    The official URL for the committee is now

    The old site ( still exists; Joe is reticent to delete that site until he is sure that he has copied everything of value into the new site.

    All committee members were encouraged to provide comments and content to Joe.

  • CACM special issue

    David is serving as Editor for this special issue, which is scheduled for a May 2007 issue date.

    We brainstormed on possible content.

    • Special issue editorial board will invite articles.

    • A call for papers will also be issued, but most papers will be invited.

    • A retrospective of HOPL I and II is a possibility.

    • Perhaps a few SIGs can tell their story.

    • Interviewers may want to write their own historical analysis using (among other things) the transcript of their commissioned interview (e.g., Tom's interview of Charles Bachman).