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October 2005 Conference Call

October 18, 2005 4-5:15 EDT

Bill Aspray, Mary Hall, Carol Hutchins, Mike Mahoney, Rosemary McGuinness, Joe November, Pat Ryan, Len Shustek, Rick Snodgrass, and David S. Wise, with invited guest Diane Crawford

Indented prose is what was discussed; non-indented prose is from the agenda.

We decided to have two sets of minutes: one private for the Committee (though readable by Council, if they wished), and one (highly abbreviated) set public. Names of people under consideration could appear in the private minutes but not in the public set. These minutes will be the private minutes.

It was mentioned that we should interact with Council better. One approach would be to send them the public minutes, but it is doubtful that they would be interested.

  1. Status

    • Oral histories

      • SIGPLAN

      • Mary will be meeting (by phone) with the SIGPLAN EC at OOPSLA tonight.

        [In the meantime, the SIGPLAN EC approved funding of the Sammet interview.]

      • Common questions

      • Rick reported that Atsushi and Tom are working on this, with a November 11 deadline.

    • Beth's visit

      • This visit has been scheduled for the first week in December.

        [Beth has signed her contract.]

      • Next in-person meeting (Len)

      • Len said that any Friday in January was fine. David will decide between January 20 and 27, based on other ACM travel.

        We'll discuss new projects, direction of the committee, and budget then.

      • Status of other activities?

        • Pubs Board: access to reviews (Carol): ongoing: Mark is polling other societies

        • Web site: see below

        • Turing Award web site

        • David is working with Tim on budget and will work with Award Committee to try to get files that could help Tim and his students enter descriptions of their award-winning work. This needs to be done carefully, as there is a lot of sensitive information. David emphasized that he and Tim are not interested in deliberations, only descriptions of accomplishments.

          TODO: Eventually the History Committee should develop policies for retention of committee and board documents, including confidentiality concerns. First we should do this for reviews (with Pubs), the for the archives of HQ material (that Beth is helping us with), and only then consider privately-held material from ACM boards.

  2. CACM Special Issue

  3. The time line is a go/no-go decision in May 06, into production in December 06, to appear in May 07 before June federated conference (April usually complements the CHI conference.)

    The focus would be the history of ACM and its impact on IT developments (e.g., internationalization, standards, interaction between industry and academia).

    We discussed possible article ideas. The following survived.

    Definite or pretty sure:
    + Article from Tim Bergin on a history of HOPL. He is willing. (Medium length)
    + Summary/survey by Beth Kaplan on resources for historical research on computing (short)
    + Summary/survey by Tom Haigh on resources on the web for historical research (short)

    Very possible, but not definite
    + Article on Project Impact, by Mike Mahoney (Medium length)
    + Public policy history, by Barbara Simons and Gene Spafford (medium length)
    + Very specific call for papers to historians: Focused papers on history of ACM and its impact (medium length)
    + Alan Berenbaum mentioned an interest in a history of SIGMICRO

    The following didn't.

    + The Turing Award will be announced in February, too late for us.
    + It is too early for an article on the Sloane project.

    David and Rick will refine, to get a proposed list of articles to Diane.

  4. Next round of interviews

  5. We'll continue this via email.

  6. Back to web site

  7. Joe announced that the bare bones public web site is now up, at with a link to the private committee web site.

    Everyone should go to the web site and provide Joe with comments and content.