Meeting Minutes
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November 2006 Conference Call
    ACM History Committee November 2006 Conference Call

    November 16, 2006 4-5:05 EDT

    Present: Bill Aspray, Mary Hall, Mike Mahoney, Rosemary McGuinness, Len Shustek, Rick Snodgrass, and David S. Wise.

  1. Face-to-face meeting

  2. The 2007 face-to-face meeting will be Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at ACM HQ, 9am-4pm.

  3. Next set of interviews (interviewees and interviewers)

  4. Len reported that CHM will be interviewing several Turing Awardees.

    We agreed on the following policy.


    * We encourage corporations to sponsor oral histories, as a tax-deductible contribution of $5K to ACM.

    * We encourage SIGs to commission oral histories (we can help identify appropriate historians for the interviews) and to pair up to commission oral histories.

    * For Turing Awardees, the HC will co-sponsor an oral history if a SIG is willing to pay half ($2500).

    * The HC will pay the full cost of oral histories only for interviews that further tell the story of ACM: for example, ACM Presidents, Executive Directors. But if a co-sponsor can be found, that is better.

  5. Funding AFIPS proceedings

  6. The History Committee views putting these papers on-line to be of high priority; this could be an extremely valuable resource, as there are many classic papers there.

  7. Leveraging CHM Corporate Histories project

  8. There are two separate issues here.

    The first is whether it makes sense to have a survey of the Corporate Histories participants concerning ACM.

    Len reported that there were 170 contributors to the Corporate History project, with very few ACM members.

    We decided to drop this project.

    The second issue is whether to extending the system to collect information for entities other than corporations, so that the system could be used by SIGs to collect their institutional history.

    Len reported that the results of this experiment were mixed. It was possible to collect histories this way, but that required prodding and cajoling by a paid facilitator.

    For the system to be used by a SIG, minimal technical changes are required, to adjust the nomenclature.

    But the big expense is for a paid facilitator, as well as some funds for tech support, perhaps $10K per SIG.

  9. Status of Open Issues
    1. CACM special issue

    2. David reported that December 1 is the deadline for the final versions of the accepted papers. Things seem to be going well.

    3. webmaster

    4. Rick reported that Jesse Tadlock, an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, has been hired as the History Committee webmaster, under Rick's supervision.

    5. SIG interactions

    6. We agreed that when SIGs wish to interview people for their histories (whether technical or organizational), the History Committee is the right place to come to for recommendations on appropriate historians.

      At some point, it would be helpful for the HC to create a "how to" manual for SIGs. It seems too early for that.