Meeting Minutes
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November 2007 Conference Call
    ACM History Committee November 2007 Conference Call

    November 8, 2007, 4:00-5:05pm EDT

    Mary Hall, Carol Hutchins, Mike Mahoney, Pat Ryan, Rick Snodgrass, and David S. Wise

  1. Interaction with CACM

  2. Moshe Vardi, who is heading the CACM redesign effort, recently sent email to the HC co-chairs proposing a partnership between CACM and the HC in which interview transcripts would be edited down to 3-6 page articles in CACM.

    We thought that this was a great idea. We emphasize that the objectives were quite different, that the HC was interested in in-depth interviews as source material for historical analyses, but that there was likely to be sufficient material for a compelling short article, if edited by the right person.

  3. Face-to-Face Meeting

  4. We wish to co-locate our next in-person meeting with the SGB, which is meeting at Chicago O'Hare in mid-February. We wish to have five minutes during the meeting to introduce ourselves, to join the SGB at lunch (with each of us at one of the tables, spread across the room), and have shared breaks (the HC will schedule its breaks for whenever the SGB has scheduled the breaks).

    We also decided on a dinner just for the HC the previous evening.

  5. HC web

  6. We thanked Jesse (in absentia) for his excellent work with the web.

    HC members are encouraged to check out the internal pages and to suggest additions and improvements.

  7. Data Collection

  8. We discussed broadly how we can encourage ACM bodies (other committees, boards, council, SIGs) to place historically-important information on their web pages going forward, and then to collect similar information going backward. We felt that the best approach would be to lead with good examples, with the hope that other groups would want to emulate these examples.

    Jesse is working on a script that would periodically (once a month, or once a year) scrape the entire ACM web site (sans the DL) and put the html pages in a per-scrape directory, for permanent retention.

    One of the things we'll need to consider eventually is whether some pages should not be retained. Essentially we need to develop a proposed web retention policy, to be decided by Council.

    * The first exemplary (for ACM committees) is the HC web site. This is nearing completion.

    * The second exemplary (for ACM journals) is the TODS web site.

    * The third exemplary (for SIGs) is the SIGMOD web site.

    Rick reported that he is working with the SIGMOD Online Editor, Jeffrey Yu of City University of Hong Kong, to develop this site, listing all past officers and EC committee minutes.

    * The fourth exemplary is a Council web site.

    Our next conference call is scheduled for December 6, 2007.