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March 2008 Conference Call

Minutes of Teleconference
ACM History Committee

2008 March 20, 4:00pm--4:40pm EDT

Bill Aspray, Carol Hutchins, Mike Mahoney, Len Shustek, Rick Snodgrass, David S. Wise. Absent with regrets: Mary Hall, Pat Ryan.
Called to order at 4:05pm

  1. Early Announcements:
    1. Guy Steele reports that his interviews of Fran Allen have been completed.
    2. Pat writes that ACM Executive Committee has approved HC budget request (one time) to establish the (paper) ACM Archive.
    3. Florence A. Appel of SIGCAS (Computers and Society) inquires after guidelines and suggestions for its planned celebration of its 40th anniversary. (Commemorative issues of newsletter are planned).

  2. Rick pointed out that the FAQ for the SIGs is under construction and that we all are to contribute. Mary will look to getting a preliminary edition of the FAQ to Prof. Appel (St. Xavier Univ., Chicago).

  3. On Agenda:
  4. How to get the Awards Committee to deposit its records into the ACM Archives?
  5. These files, including nominations, endorsements, decisions, and denials are really, really sensitive, and the respective subcommittee chairs will be reluctant to let them go.
    The question now is how we can get them to deposit material into the ACM Archive.

    1. Seal files for 75 years from the date of action on the nomination.
    2. What about digital materials?
    3. Conclusion was to ask the present custodian to print out any digital material and to submit hard copy, only. (Time will undermine any digital technology anyway.)
    4. What should be the standards for that printing?
    5. Len will consult archivists to specify both
      • quality of paper (weight, non-acid, bond?)
      • kind of printing (Not laser-graphic whose toner will unfuse.)
      • that will be both available to custodians and durable in storage.
    6. Preparation of proposal to Awards Committee and review. David will prepare a proposal of above points to be presented to Awards Committee for its approval on June 21 in San Francisco. The draft will be on the agenda of HC on April 17.

  6. Further announcements.
    1. Len announced that ACM (John White) had written CHM with ACM's default permission for CHM to post the collection of AFIPS-Proceedings papers on the web. ACM asked for copies of the scans to include them in ACM DL.
      1. Appreciation of the February face-to-face meeting where this permission was discussed and subsequently granted.
    2. HC encourages Pubs Board to create all the document descriptors/metadata so that AFIPS papers can be full content in DL.
    3. Request for dates of spring teleconferences (April 17, May 22) and that the dates for the fall calls be posted.
    4. Anticipation that October will bring a face-to-face meeting alongside/with Pubs Board at ACM HQ. Dates to be monitored and our teleconference dates adjusted around it.
    5. Question: What ever happened to the list of classic books in computing? Was collected and voted at David Patterson's urging as president. Were they to be subsumed into DL?
    6. Bill Aspray announced that he was moving from Indiana University, Bloomington, to the University of Texas, Austin, next academic year.
Adjourned 4:40pm