ACM History Committee

Video Clips of Turing Laureates for Class Use

The ACM History Committee invites educators and students to augment course content in CS education with a new resource: short video segments from interviews with A. M. Turing Award laureates. These video clips were curated by Thomas Haigh and are taken from longer oral history interviews with the laureates.

Each clip highlights the work and technical outlook of the laureates, providing insights into the perspectives of ACM’s most prestigious award winners. Many of the clips can directly support instructional goals, for example:

Currently, 157 clips drawn from interviews with 35 laureates are available. Each clip is two to eight minutes in length. The complete set of clips can be found on the YouTube channel:

Clips for a particular Turing laureate are embedded in the laureate’s webpage, which in turn is linked from the full list of laureates at: .

Please avail yourself of these video clips and spread the word with colleagues.