ACM History Committee

The ACM History Committee has a number of projects and initiatives including the following with status as of Fall 2020. Please visit the linked pages for more status on these projects.

  • Turing Oral History Project: Phase one essentially completed; the last interview is scheduled for fall 2020.  Phase two is underway, which will add oral histories for Turing laureates since 2015 and earlier laureates whose oral history should be supplemented.
  • Turing Award website: The A. M. Turing website is up-to-date. Approximately 15 entries have been augmented with short video highlights from oral history interviews (“snippets”).
  • ACM Key Award Winners: During the first phase of this 3-year project, 41 oral histories with ACM award winners (of 72 planned) have been captured.
  • Fellowship program: Five History and Archiving Fellowships were awarded in 2020.  We saw a substantial increase in the number of good proposals submitted for these fellowships. The committee is working to better document and publicize the accomplishments of projects with fellowship support over the years.
  • India Industry Leaders Video Project: We have started a pilot program for collecting oral histories with key individuals in India. 
  • SIG Heritage: The committee is developing resources and support to assist SIGs and Committees as they develop their individual organization’s history.